Benefits of Honey

honey health benefits
The Unparalelled Health Benefits of Honey

Mixed with age-old elixirs, juices, food and cooking or just taken pure internally, raw honey has many benefits for humans as well as all forms of animal on earth. But the question is, are those benefits maximized? Do people really know how to maximize the healing and health benefits in raw honey (uncooked / unheated)?

It’s good to know that apart from selling our guaranteed pure and raw honey, we also give free health advice on how to best harness the healing and health rejuvenating benefits of a real bee honey. Ask us and we’d be glad to give you tips on how best to use it for your particular purpose. For size, however, we reveal our own experience below on how it has benefited our family for years of consumption in our daily dose of food and drinks. See our list below.

Benefits of Pure, Real Raw Honey (On Personal Level for Our Family)

Some of you might be asking us if all the miracles are true and even if we say so it is as we set aside that we are selling our own product or for marketing purposes, daily consumption of pure honey definitely gave our family the benefits. It has become our immortality elixir, our daily dose of helpful beneficial bacteria helping overall gut flora develop into a positive purpose of life and health. For those who question our sincerity in proving our own product, STOP! Don’t even ask us, do your own research online and you’d absolutely be blown away when you find the different uses of raw and pure honey in terms of health, healing, mind relaxation and spirituality.

Warning! РTo harness full benefits of beneficial bacteria, live enzymes and honey  health-giving benefits, one must have a healthy gut flora and positive mind. It is best to do a colon cleanse while or before taking a regular dose of our honey. Very few know that a healthy colon will always be the key to health and absorption of nutrients from what we eat. Honey is not an exemption. The simplest colon cleanse you can do is drink a lot of water (as much as 1 liter first thing in the morning while stomach is empty) (after 30 minutes, take a tablespoon full of our honey) (then go take salad greens of various mixes see our salad recipes here)

  1. Enhances a deep sleep and helps keep a regular body clock, makes you wake up early in the morning at a consistent time. Definitely helps cure insomnia faster.
  2. Helps develop high energy and stamina for extra day’s strength. Don’t forget to complement intake with a daily 20%-50% raw vegetable diet 3x a day.
  3. Enhances a great sexual life and libido.
  4. Lessens rheumatism and helps in regeneration of cervical and bone discs through nutrients.
  5. Prevents falling hair or thinning hair due to high vitamin E. Maximize the effects by doing a simple saltwater flush or by taking laxative tea early in the morning and taking 1 tablespoon after your bowel has stopped.
  6. Enhance a good metabolism in the body and eventually helps burn fats. It definitely helped me lose weight when intake of honey was combined with raw vegetable diet.
  7. Lowers cholesterol levels. Naturopathist says that excessive snoring during sleep CAN be a sign of high cholesterol in the body. Taking 1 teaspoon first thing in the morning after waking up together with 2 glasses of shaken / oxygenated and slightly warm water definitely helps. Complement that with a short exercise will boost your losing of fats and eventually, cholesterol and toxins, detoxifying your whole body system.
  8. Combine cinnamon and honey and the result is an age-old potent weight loss potion that according to many is one of the cheapest and most effective way to shed off that excess weight in people. To know how the mix is done and how it is taken orally or administered, please read here.
  9. Honey that is really pure is found to be a very good anti-inflammatory drink concoction. It helps ease out coughing and allergy brought about by infection and mucous.